Indigenous Peoples new report: Shell Risking Ruin
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Indigenous Peoples new report: Shell Risking Ruin

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May 22, 2012

LONDON — Shell plans to expand its dirty energy destruction in the Arctic and Canada tarsands, after leaving behind a trail of oil spills and destruction in Nigeria.

The Indigenous Environmental Network in partnership with Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation launched an Indigenous-led campaign against Shell and its harmful projects. on Friday A delegation of four Indigenous peoples from North America participated in the public launch of a report (below) profiling the British-Dutch company’s increasing involvement in the world’s dirtiest and riskiest energy projects.

Robert Thompson, Chairman of REDOIL — Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands — is an Inupiat from Kaktovik, a village on the edge of the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, where Shell plans to drill offshore in Arctic waters this summer.

“Shell plans to drill in the Arctic this summer without the proven technology or infrastructure to deal with inevitable spills. They have not demonstrated the ability to clean up spills within or from under the ice or during storms. Our culture depends on a clean ocean, and we have subsisted in this region for 12,000 years. We oppose Shell’s plans that have the potential to destroy the culture of our people and will further push the planet into irreversible climate change.”

Scroll down the document below: Shell Risking Ruin:

Shell Risking Ruin

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