IC Magazine is looking for Writers

IC Magazine is looking for Writers

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November 12, 2013

IC Magazine is looking for dedicated reporters, bloggers and columnists to compliment our coverage of the world’s Indigenous Peoples.

With the ceaseless efforts of more than 500 Indigenous Nations around the world, there’s certainly no shortage of stories that need to be told. However, there is a genuine need for more people to help convey those stories to the international community, revealing untold histories, raising unheard voices, and propelling forward one of the most pressing issues of our time: Indigenous Rights.

Our writers are unpaid volunteers, to be sure, but any lack of remuneration is more than made up for with exposure and recognition. Our articles go viral all the time! But more than that, they get cited in reports, re-published in magazines, noted in documentary films, and studied in grade schools and universities across North America. Sometimes, our authors even get awards for their good work!

Ideally, we are looking for experienced writers who are interested in contributing one or two articles per week, but someone who wants to contribute less–perhaps, one article a month–would be welcome as well.

If that sounds good to you and if you want to help inform, educate, challenge and inspire thousands of people around the world, IC Magazine is ready to work with you!

To get started, please fill out our author application form and will be in touch!

Or if you have any questions, we can by reached at info(at)intercontinentalcry.org

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