IC Magazine launches new crowdfunder for Indigenous Media

IC Magazine launches new crowdfunder for Indigenous Media

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November 4, 2015

WINNIPEG – IC Magazine today launched a new crowdfunding campaign as part of a 3-year plan to ensure that the world’s Indigenous Peoples get full media coverage.

Now based in Canada, the United States and Mexico, IC has spent the last 12 months quietly working out the details of its plan with continuous support from the Center for World Indigenous Studies, IC’s publisher and fiscal sponsor.

At the center of the plan is an unprecedented investigative journalism program that will specialize in producing interactive documentaries (aka webdocs) using the multi-media platform Klynt (klynt.net); an effort to start paying journalists for their work; and a hopeful partnership with the journalism department at ITESO (The Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education at Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara).

The new crowdfunder at GoFundMe is centered on laying the groundwork for these and other focal points including a monthly news desk-style podcast and ongoing development of IC’s organizational infrastructure.

“This is the biggest and by far the most important fundraising campaign we’ve ever organized,” said John Ahni Schertow, IC’s founder and editor-in-chief. We’ve seen a lot of new and great indigenous media projects emerge over the last few years, but we still don’t have a single platform that really covers all Indigenous Peoples and Nations globally. It’s time for that to change.”

The GoFundMe campaign seeks to raise $23,000 over the next month, a little over ten percent of IC’s overall 2016 expenses.

“At this point, our goal is to simply sow the seeds that we need to address a specific set of flaws, limitations and weaknesses in our global media ecosystem. Once those seeds are set we can begin to ensure IC’s sustainability and prepare for everything that comes next.”

Intercontinental Cry (IC) Magazine was founded over a decade ago in response to the marginalization and misrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples on the internet. Today, it is arguably the most prominent international indigenous rights publication in North America.

To donate and learn more about the campaign, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/jr8j96es

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