Honor the Earth has funding for Indigenous Initiatives

Honor the Earth has funding for Indigenous Initiatives

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December 21, 2007

Honor the Earth, a group that’s comprised of representatives from the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and the Indigenous Women’s Network (IWN) is currently accepting proposals for funding to help Native-led organizations in Canada and the US who work in the areas of: Environmental & Energy Justice, Community Development, and Youth. The grants range from $1,000- $5,000. Proposals are due January 15th, 2007.

Please visit this page for a full explanation of the application procedures.


Request for Proposals
Honor the Earth is currently soliciting proposals for funding from Native-led organizations for the following types of work:

Environmental & Energy Justice
Native lands are disproportionately targeted for resource extraction, energy development, and dumping of hazardous waste. Our communities suffer from the toxic effects of coal-fired power plants, uranium mining, oil drilling, and nuclear waste just to name a few. At the same time, Native lands hold vast amounts of renewable energy potential such as solar and wind that provide cleaner, healthier energy to the community. Honor the Earth supports efforts to protect against environmental threats and to create solutions for a just future.

Building Sustainable Communities
Honor the Earth supports Native grassroots groups and organizations developing innovative Native community-based initiatives that build and maintain healthy and sustaining Native communities that integrate Indigenous traditional knowledge and language. With respect for the wisdom of our elders and with regard for future generations, we support activities that assist in the preservation of Native lifeways, preserve Indigenous languages and traditional knowledge, foster youth development and participation, maintain traditional foods systems, protect environmental and natural resources, and activities that work toward the decolonization of our communities.

Native youth are the center of the continuity of Native America, and are the leaders and elders of the future. They are also the descendants of our communities and, as a consequence, the collective experience of Native America. We are committed to investing in youth and support initiatives that educate, empower, and build the capacity of youth in Indigenous communities. We seek to help develop the next generation of rural-and reservation-based Native American youth leaders who will become a major factor in safeguarding the health of our peoples and our environment through awareness, activism, advocacy and organizing. In our effort to encourage youth leadership development and youth-directed initiatives, Honor the Earth is particularly interested in supporting initiatives that are developed and led by Native youth

Grants range from $1,000- $5,000. Proposals are due January 15th, 2007. Please see our website for a full explanation of the application procedures: http://www.honorearth.org/grants/apply.html

For all questions not answered by the website, please contact Tom Reed at gransthonorearth@earthlink.net or 612 879 7529.

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