Intercontinental Cry is out of funds!

Intercontinental Cry is out of funds!

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Bobby Mason, representative of “Haul No!”, carrying a “Shut Down White Mesa Mill” sign through the gates of the mill. Photo Credit: Garet Bleir.
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July 10, 2017

Intercontinental Cry is out of funds! Please donate now and make sure we can continue to raise the voices of the world’s 5,000 Indigenous Peoples!

We’re heading towards a global environmental catastrophe and, rather than make the transition to a sustainable future, the world’s governments are doubling down on the very things that have brought us to the precipice: mining, oil and gas, hydro development, deforestation.

But all is not lost; because in resistance there is hope. The world’s Indigenous Peoples are putting their bodies on the line to protect our water, defend our forests and stop the runaway train of climate change.

We need your help to make sure the world knows it.

As the only non-profit international Indigenous newsroom in North America, we have dedicated our lives to bring you to the front lines.

We spend our days investigating threats to the environment, featuring exclusive reporting on indigenous conservation and offering insightful analysis supporting and promoting ecosystem resilience and restoration.

We offer critical journalism that helps catalyze environmental movements like #Bagua, #NODAPL, #Keepitintheground and #IdleNoMore and we provide space for environmental movements to share best practices.

We address intersecting themes of marginalization, environmental racism, historical injustices and concepts that are crucial to our collective well-being.

As an organization that’s led by indigenous journalists and academics, we also know that Indigenous Peoples are in a unique position to address climate change at the local, national and international level. For this reason, we consider it our duty to focus on climate change and those most affected by it.

We also recognize the importance of educating the public, which is why we work hard to promote an inclusive and ecologically-responsible paradigm that respects indigenous needs and human rights.

But good journalism is not free, and right now we are just scratching the surface of what’s possible. We need your support to continue this work and make sure that all Indigenous Peoples have at least ONE dedicated line of journalism support.

Please donate now to keep Intercontinental Cry alive!

We're fighting for our lives

Indigenous Peoples are putting their bodies on the line and it's our responsibility to make sure you know why. That takes time, expertise and resources - and we're up against a constant tide of misinformation and distorted coverage. By supporting IC you're empowering the kind of journalism we need, at the moment we need it most.

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