Help us influence the world’s media ecosystem for the better. The Time is now!

Help us influence the world’s media ecosystem for the better. The Time is now!

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August 19, 2014

There are now just a few short hours left to influence the world’s media ecosystem for the better.

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Though we may not realize it, the world’s media is in a state of crisis. As Tracy Barnett recently remarked, we almost never see meaningful stories about Indigenous Peoples in our favorite newspapers or even on our favorite alternative media sites.

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Right now, we should be seeing headlines all over the place that the Jarawa Peoples are threatened by an upgrade of the infamous ‘human safari’ road in the Andaman Islands and that the Anishinaabeg just confronted TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline at a Kenora open house. We should also be hearing about Russian President Putin’s plan to erase what little remains of Indigeneity in the Russian Federation and that Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines are standing up to years of deception, dispossession and destruction.

Rather than cover these stories, the world’s media panders to itself, focusing on what you already know and what you don’t really care about.

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It’s getting so bad now that a new era of distraction journalism has emerged with the likes of Buzzfeed and Upworthy routinely capturing our attention with cheap gimmicks and gags.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of corporate news services are locking their content behind paywalls, so even when they do cover the latest Unist’ot’en Camp eviction or oil spill catastrophe in the Amazon, you can’t learn about it unless you pay.

At IC Magazine, we’re not interested in paywalls anymore than we’re willing to follow trends, except to find out what stories aren’t being told. That way we know what to focus on.

With your help we can start offering much more of this essential coverage.

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