Guerrero: La Ruta al Sol
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Guerrero: La Ruta al Sol

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August 18, 2007

Guerrero is best known for the Mexican beach resorts of Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, but few know that it continues to be the site of the most blatant human and economic rights violations in the country. Although the Sierra Club and other international groups once made the persecution of environmental activists in Guerrero an international scandal, attention has waned as abuses continue.

Guerrero: La ruta al sol is a gritty plea from people in Guerrero for international pressure and solidarity to help stop human rights violations in Guerrero and throughout Mexico. Interviews with Mexican human rights workers, massacre and torture survivors, and campesinos are backed up with leaked police video of the Aguas Blancas Massacre which left 17 dead.

La ruta al sol was filmed by a delegation of volunteer human right observers from the Building Bridges Human Rights Project which has groups in Vancouver and Victoria. The documentary is fully bilingual in Spanish and English so that it can be shown to mixed English and Spanish speaking audiences without translation, as requested by Mexican human rights groups.

La ruta al sol is told exclusively in the voices of Mexicans, allowing them to tell their own stories.

The film was co-directed by La Huesos (a young Mexican who has withheld her real name for security reasons) and Eric Doherty (a Canadian environmental and human rights activist.) For more information please contact Eric Doherty at 604.877.1223 or e-mail us at:

Note: the subtitles in the video are a bit difficult to read, you’ll probably have to watch the film in full screen.

Guerrero: La Ruta al Sol

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