Guatemala: Tahoe Resources Security Chief gave direct orders to kill protestors

by May 13, 2013

For months now, Tahoe Resources has claimed to have no part whatsoever in the murders and kidnappings of Xinca community members who are opposing the company’s Escobal silver mine in the department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. We now know that to be utterly false.

Last week, Guatemala’s Public Ministry revealed wiretapping evidence that has Tahoe’s security chief at Escobal, Alberto Rotondo, giving direct orders to assassinate opponents of the mine.

The wiretap has Rotondo making several statements, including: “God dam dogs, they do not understand that the mine generates jobs”. “We must eliminate these animals’ pieces of shit”. “We can not allow people to establish resistance, another Puya no”. “Kill house [sic] sons of Bitches”.

Rortondo was apprehended at an airport as he attempted to flee the country.