Grassy Narrows Arrives in Seattle

Grassy Narrows Arrives in Seattle

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March 13, 2007

Grassy Narrows Comes to Seattle
from The Rainforest Action Network
March 13, 2007

After traveling 3,000 miles from northern Ontario, Grassy Narrows First Nation community members have reached Seattle. Their mission? To demand that logging giant Weyerhaeuser work to stop the clear-cutting in Grassy’s ancestral homeland. Click here to follow their journey

On Monday morning, Grassy community members Warren Ashopenace, Gloria Kejick, and Maria Swain met face-to-face with top Weyerhaeuser executives. They shared stories of how the unauthorized logging on their territory has disrupted their ability to trap animals and collect medicinal herbs. They spoke of the wild berries and streams poisoned by herbicides used in logging operations. The Weyerhaeuser executives were rendered speechless as these folks spoke truth to power.

Yet, Weyerhaeuser still has not committed to help stop the logging.

That’s why Grassy Narrows and RAN are increasing the pressure on Weyerhaeuser, and we need your help. Please call CEO Steve Rogel and demand an “exit strategy” from Grassy Narrows:

RAN and the Grassy community members remain busy in the Seattle area. Today, we’ll be at the Built Green conference in Everett, Wash., where Weyerhaeuser subsidiary Quadrant Homes is receiving an award. Recent research conducted by RAN documents that Quadrant homes are constructed with Weyerhaeuser building materials made from wood clear-cut and taken without consent from Grassy Narrows. To expose the hypocrisy of Quadrant’s award, we’ll dress as homeless caribou and wander around tree stumps in front of the conference.

“Building American suburbs from Canadian clear-cuts is unethical,” says RAN campaigner David Sone, “and Weyerhaeuser CEO Steve Rogel should promote stronger social responsibility, beginning with an exit strategy from Grassy Narrows.”

Grassy community member Gloria Kejiack adds: “We ask that everyone who hears us be an echo to our voice: stop the clear-cutting on our territory.”

Add your voice! Call Weyerhaeuser CEO Steve Rogel and demand an exit strategy today! If you’ve already called, please tell your friends!

Thank you for all that you do,

Brant, David, Jocelyn and Annie
Old Growth Campaign Team
Rainforest Action Network

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