“From Money to Metals: A campaigner’s guidebook to mine-related finance.”

“From Money to Metals: A campaigner’s guidebook to mine-related finance.”

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March 17, 2009

Mines and Communities has updated their mine-related finance guidebook, “From Money to Metals.”

The guide now has records and some details of approx. 500 banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, private funders, private equity firms and some individuals known to provide financial support to mining companies.

Unfortunately, it does not include listings for state-owned investors and multilateral development banks, though it still gives campaigners more than enough to work with.

After all, corporations like Barrick Gold, Vedanta Resources, GoldCorp, Newmont, and AngloGold Ashanti only ever seem to respond to one thing: money and the dread of losing it.

It’s everything in the world to them… And without it they are nothing.

You can download a copy of the guidebook at Mines and Communities. Or view it directly:

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