Fearless Regeneration

Fearless Regeneration

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January 8, 2018

Fearless Regeneration: Walking with Decolonial Intention on Indigenous Land

by Senka Eriksen.
In today’s urban centers most people rely on cars to get them around. Being fast matters. I don’t blame them. It is convenient and arguably necessary in some cases. When I tell people I don’t drive they are often surprised and confused. I have driven cars and I do know how, but I choose not to. I walk. I choose to walk because it allows me to access the movements of my body. I move with the land under my feet and the air passing over my skin into my body as I breathe. Moreover, I walk slowly. I have Arthritis, and the pain reminds me to slow down. This struggle has gifted me with gratitude. I can move my body. In these moments of struggle, I slow down and I’m brought more deeply into the moment, into my body. I can see and feel where I am. I see and feel the lands I walk on. Thus, walking has become an intentional act of decolonization and resurgence for me.

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