“Everything they do to us, they do to the mountains, the rivers, the forests”

“Everything they do to us, they do to the mountains, the rivers, the forests”

Day 8 of the Native Flower Rebellion
“The social emergent today is the Earth, and we are spokeswomen for her pain.”
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October 17, 2019

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — We want to communicate to the whole society, to the political class and to the peoples of the world that we, the indigenous women of the territories in conflict, find ourselves strengthened and certain of this political and historical action that we are carrying forward despite the difficulty being here. The peaceful occupation will continue indefinitely.

We have clear ideas and we know what we came for; we are telling a country that life is not negotiable, that there can be no social pact if the genocide on the peoples and on the territories continues. We came to defend life, we came with complaints that are historical as well as others regarding events that have occurred in recent years.

Yesterday morning, we had a meeting with Dr. María Fernández Rodríguez, Secretary of Justice. The meeting was positive; we were able to be heard, and we raised three specific cases: the case of the disappearance of Marcelino Olaire (disappeared since 8-11-2016); the case of Ismael Ramírez, 13, killed by the police of Saenz Peña, Chaco; and we raised the situation of our sister Maria Mendoza and the harassment she and her community suffer. Her son is unjustly imprisoned after being brutally beaten by the Formosa police.

We also denounce what is called “chineo,” naturalizing the rape of our girls. These cases were taken to the Ministry of Justice, which pledged to follow up on these causes that had been shelved.

In the case of the demands that the Secretary of Justice did not address because they do not correspond to her jurisdiction, we asked the Secretary of Justice to please speak with the different areas that do have jurisdiction so that so that solutions can be found with due respect.

We have no guarantee that this will happen, which is why we cannot leave; there is no time, we cannot wait for the government to change, because we are being killed today.

Since we’re not on the agenda of politicians we want to be on the agenda of your hearts. Know that everything they do to us, they are doing to the mountains, the rivers, the forests, the hills.

We appeal to the good hearts and to committed people, friends, activists, media, social organizations and groups, that we need you all.

If not now, when?

Spokesperson contacts: + 5492945415787 / + 5493416846152 /

We need chemical baths, gazebos, umbrellas, rain jackets, lounge chairs, portable cell phone chargers, water and food for the sisters who have been holding this historic event with dignity and joy for more than 7 days.

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