“Everyday Acts of Resurgence” to be released Feb. 1, 2018

“Everyday Acts of Resurgence” to be released Feb. 1, 2018

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January 9, 2018

Intercontinental Cry is pleased to announce the imminent publication of “Everyday Acts of Resurgence: People, Places, Practices“.

More than 12 months in making, this new book features twenty-two powerful works by the faculty and students of Indigenous Governance (IGOV) at the University of Victoria and the Indigenous Politics Program (UHIP) at the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa.

In 2015, IGOV and UHIP came together on Oʻahu to engage in land and water-based cultural practices and to strategize around future mobilizations for community resurgence. They organized their time together around the theme, “Piko: A Convergence of Resurgence.” The Kanaka Maoli word, piko, has several meanings, including the navel on a human body, the summit of a mountain, or other places of convergence. These “three Pʻs” became the organizing structure for this book.

Resurgence... entails a consciousness of being in a daily struggle to regain rebellious dignity.

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Contributors to the book include: Lianne Charlie, Jeff Corntassel, Taiaiake Alfred, Noelani Goodyear–Ka‘opua, Noenoe K. Silva, Hokulani Aikau, Devi Mucina, Dibikgeezhigokwe, Erynne M. Gilpin, No’eau Peralto, Lisa Strelein, Senka Eriksen, Nick XEMT0LTW_ Claxton, Brad Coombes, Natalie Clark, Maya L. Kawailanaokeawaiki Saffery, Megumi Chibana, Jana-Rae Yerxa and Gina Starblanket.

The book is being published by Intercontinental Cry.

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When you pledge at least $5 to IC, you will also be invited to take part in an exclusive online discussion (on Feb 1) featuring Jeff Corntassel and other contributors to the volume. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to gain new knowledge and insight into the meaning of Everyday Resurgence! As the Editors point out in their Introduction,

Indigenous nations and communities are strengthened and perpetuated by the everyday actions that express and nurture their relationships to lands, waters, language, sacred living histories, and the natural world. Everydayness reveals the choices we make on a daily basis to engage with our lands, cultures and communities.

These seemingly small actions are significant in informing both the micro and macro processes of community resurgence. Resurgence also entails a consciousness of being in a daily struggle to regain rebellious dignity. We are interested in how these transformational moments regenerate and invigorate Indigenous nationhood as well as our community and individual health and well-being. While rallies, protests, and other publicized events are often viewed as catalysts for change, it is these quiet, transformational, intimate actions that occur on a daily basis in ways that are seen and unseen that form the basis for revolutionary shifts.

Ultimately, this edited volume is a project grounded in love – love for our land, water, families, clans, communities, ceremonies, sacred histories, and languages, which form our center or piko. The authors who contributed are part of the larger ʻohana or family that we have fostered across the Pacific to write from their hearts and make their work accessible to a more general audience.”

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