Endless War

Endless War

Resistance and Struggle of the Krenak Peoples
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October 9, 2016

“Endless War” narrates the history, resistance and struggle against the extermination, especially during Brazil’s military dictatorship, of the Krenak Peoples.

The film presents statements by members of the Krenak ethnicity and of specialists, collated by the Office of the Public defender of Minas Gerais and by the Technical Group on Indigenous Peoples and the Military Dictatorship of the 6th Chamber of Coordination and Review of the Office of the Public Defender, which proposes actions in defense of the Krenak.

Drawing from records, the documentary approaches the origins of the Krenak, the violent encounters with Europeans, and the campaigns of extermination that occurred from the period of colonization to the military dictatorship of 1964-1985.

The film was launched during Amnesty Week and was part of the Virada Sustenável 2016.

Documentary produced by Unnova Productions in partnership with the Office of the Federal Prosecutor/ Public Defender (MPF – 6CCR; PR-MG; PRR 3rd Region) with support of the National Association of Federal Prosecutors (ANPR -Associação Nacional dos Procuradores da República) and the ANDHEP.

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