Ditsöwö Tsirík: The Way of the Seed

Ditsöwö Tsirík: The Way of the Seed

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July 20, 2013

This is the journey of a people created as seed by Sibö (God) who resisted the Spanish conquest; their steps prove that their stories are not just myths, but a living history of struggle. This documentary invites you to get to know their word and their lives. Four Bribri-Cabecar sit down to talk about the resistance in Talamanca; the theft of their land, medicine, minerals and their balance, a way of life that is trying to be erased by a sick and devalued society. Hopefully they will be able to recover the Tsirík: the underlying mission of these people, chosen by Sibö to care for life, the secret of their survival, and the shield against alienation–the Guide to rediscover their path as seed.

Produced in 2012 by EraVerda, El Camino de la Semilla (The Way of the Seed) was award winner for best short documentary at the International Film Festival in Costa Rica ‘Peace with the Earth’.

Channel 15, University of Costa Rica

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