Destroying Iceland. Saving Iceland.

Destroying Iceland. Saving Iceland.

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John Ahni Schertow
July 13, 2007

Last week, a conference was held in Iceland to discuss the Global consequences of heavy industry and large dams. People from more than 15 countries attended the two day conference, which culminated on July 8th with a declaration calling upon Icelandic citizens to inform themselves and take action to protect Iceland from becoming an environmentally-devastated market warehouse for numerous Corporations (like Alcan, Century Aluminum, Bechtel, and Alcoa) and the Government.

Currently there is a large-scale development scheme dubbed the Master Plan – which aims to build numerous Geothermal Power plants around Iceland, as well as Hydro dams on all major Glacier rivers. Numerous areas are being ongoingly destroyed for this mega-project.

For three Years, the organizers of the conference (Saving Iceland) have been struggling to prevent this destruction-in-the-making, and have set up direct action camps each summer. This years camp (presently ongoing) began a day before the conference. On July 10th, Iceland had it’s own day of Action… at the Kringlan Shopping Mall, along Laugavegur street, at the Icelandic Parliament, and at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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