Deep Trouble: Nuclear Waste Burial in the Great Lakes Basin

Deep Trouble: Nuclear Waste Burial in the Great Lakes Basin

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October 13, 2012

This video is a recording of the joint St. Clair County Community College’s Green Team and Blue Water Sierra Club presentation “Deep Trouble — Nuclear Waste Burial in the Great Lakes Basin.”

The presenters discuss Canadian proposals to bury radioactive waste in the Great Lakes basin. Speakers include John Jackson, interim executive director and director, clean production and toxics, Great Lakes United, and Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch project coordinator and community organizer.

The nuclear industry in Canada is pursuing approval to bury 200,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste below the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station on the eastern shore of Lake Huron and is studying 21 different communities — 15 of them in the Great Lakes basin — as possible burial locations for all of Canada’s high level nuclear fuel waste. The presentation will include descriptions of the burial schemes, the hazards and risks for the Great Lakes community, possible transportation risks and linkages to U.S. nuclear waste issues.

Great Lakes United is a coalition of citizens’ groups representing Canada, the United States, First Nations and Indigenous Peoples in the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence River System. Northwatch is a coalition of environmental and social justice groups in northeastern Ontario.

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