Death to Indigenous Media?

Death to Indigenous Media?

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December 7, 2014

It seems IC Magazine isn’t the only one facing hard times. The much older and larger Wawatay Native Communications Society is on the edge of shutting down as well–all because they can’t make ends meet.

The needs, rights, interests, opinions and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples are poised to become even more invisible.

It’s troubling news, to be sure, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. As many people have noted over the years, myself included, Indigenous organizations almost never get the same funding support as their non-indigenous counterparts. That’s why so many Indigenous organizations end up accepting funds from corporate tyrants like Rio Tinto, Transcanda, Enbridge and Kinder Morgan.

While non-indigenous organizations around the world report record gains, Indigenous organizations have to sell their integrity just to stay afloat.

I can’t speak for Wawatay, but that’s one line we’re not willing to cross at IC Magazine.

As much as I believe in the work that we do and as much I want that work to continue, I also want IC to stand as an example–particularly for Indigenous youth–that we can thrive without having to soil our hands. All we have to do is work together and support one another when we need it. Such is life.

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