CWIS and Intercontinental Cry Magazine form journalistic alliance

CWIS and Intercontinental Cry Magazine form journalistic alliance

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29 December 2014 — The Center for World Indigenous Studies Board of Directors approved a collaboration agreement with Intercontinental Cry Magazine ( to work for the ten-year old magazine’s “editorial and commercial success.” After two months of negotiations, CWIS Board Chair Rudolph Ryser and Intercontinental Cry Magazine Editor in Chief John Ahniwanika Schertow of Winnipeg, Canada signed a two-year agreement of cooperation.

“Intercontinental Cry closely matches the CWIS Mission and expands the Center’s ability to inform CWIS website users and CWIS Associate Scholars. The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of IC Magazine as a well written, well researched and detailed publication,” said Chairman Ryser.

“With the scarcity of news coverage to which most Indigenous struggles are subjected, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this collaboration. Under the non-profit wing of such a mature and conscientious organization, IC will have a much stronger foundation now while retaining its editorial independence. I couldn’t have asked for a better arrangement,” said Schertow.

The Intercontinental Cry is a free online magazine that provides running news, commentary and analysis about the contemporary struggles of all Indigenous Peoples around the world.

“We are proud and gratified by this collaboration with Intercontinental Cry and look forward to a long and productive association benefiting Fourth World peoples world-wide,” continued Ryser.

Schertow was approved by the CWIS Board of Director to serve a three-year term as a Director on the Board beginning in December 2014.

“I feel deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve on the CWIS Board of Directors,” Schertow added. “I’ve admired CWIS for years. I look forward to contributing to the organization any way I can.”

In 2012 Intercontinental Cry published ‘People, Land and Truth 2012’ with a second publication coming in tow entitled, ‘Indigenous Struggles: Dispatches From the Fourth World.’ With these efforts well received by its intended audience, IC partnered with the Public Good Project and Wrong Kind of Green to offer, ‘Communications in Conflict’. Rounding out its place as a multimedia endeavor, IC produced two exclusive documentary films in 2013, which were quickly followed up with the 2013 edition of Indigenous Struggles and the 2014 edition of People Land Truth. DayKeeper Press at the Center for World Indigenous Studies will enter into joint projects with Intercontinental Cry to produce new publications as well.


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