Controlling Minds

Controlling Minds

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August 24, 2013

Under neoliberal fascism, controlling minds means controlling teachers. When teachers in Oaxaca went on strike in 2006 against government corruption, federal, state and local police hired assassins to kill activist teachers.

While teachers in the US aren’t yet being murdered, they are targeted for elimination by the federal government as part of the plan to privatize education. With help from fascist billionaires like Bill Gates, teachers in cities like Chicago are learning first hand what neoliberalism is all about.

Indoctrinating privatized teachers to support neoliberal fascism also entails help from privatization icons like Gates, a staunch opponent of the indigenous peoples movement. As reported at Electronic Intifada, that indoctrination includes promoting the apartheid State of Israel, the epitome of an anti-indigenous state.

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