Conserving Energy

Conserving Energy

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April 17, 2012

With the concentration of stolen wealth and the concomitant consolidation of political power in market driven institutions, there is presently no limit on the extent of insane initiatives proposed and promoted in the marketplace. The only conceivable restraint on the market’s wasting of the vast landscapes and seas of the world is the mobilization of a publicly spirited consciousness, infused with an indigenous environmental perspective.

Until that spirit and perspective coalesce into a functioning political movement, the wasting of the planet will continue along with the wasting of our human energy. Under the current scenario, that is not a sustainable social dynamic, and at some point something must give.

Assuming the machinery of the market will not stop this wasting of its own accord, it is up to us to devise a means of stopping it. Under the dominant system of governance, there is no means available for arresting the destruction, so arriving at solutions means we will have to invent them.

With institutions of education having submitted to market rule, we will have to establish learning houses in our communities to prepare ourselves for the arduous task of subduing the market and institutions under its control in order to make them more responsive to the needs of humanity.

Until we begin discussing in earnest what we need to do and how best to go about it, we will continue wasting our energy responding to the foolish ideas of  markets that cater to the interests of greed. As we know from experience, that is an insatiable and unruly formula–one we must defeat or perish.

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