Cole Gate: Gateway Pacific Terminal Mouthpiece Backs Down

Cole Gate: Gateway Pacific Terminal Mouthpiece Backs Down

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June 30, 2014

Gateway Pacific Terminal mouthpiece Craig Cole, who in February threatened journalists at IC Magazine and Whatcom Watch, apparently considers the matter closed. According to the Bellingham Herald daily news monopoly that covered up the Coalgate scandal for five months, Cole claimed Sandy Robson’s article at Whatcom Watch and Jay Taber’s editorial at IC Magazine constituted libel, even though neither his name nor his position were mentioned in either.

The Herald cover-up and Cole thuggery continue a long tradition of political violence in Whatcom County, ironically pioneered by Anti-Indian sociopath Skip Richards. As a self-proclaimed civic leader, Cole leaves some wondering how his threatening behavior fits with his delusional self image.

Putting a target for vigilantes on the back of a local journalist just doesn’t seem consistent. But then, White Power on the Salish Sea isn’t what it seems.

Cole’s behavior is more like what one would expect from Tea Party hoodlums, not civic leaders.

Cole’s role in funding the Anti-Indian Tea Party PAC in last Fall’s election should be investigated.

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