Chilean Police Violently Dislodging the Rapanui Parliament

by December 30, 2010

Despite dozens of international calls for a peaceful resolution, the Chilean government has once again mobilized against the peaceful Rapanui people on Easer Island.

According to the following press release, on December 29, " just before 7 PM, a contingency of 200 armed police began violently dislodging the Rapanui Parliament from their headquarters in the center of the town of Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui. The police have beaten dozens of Rapa Nui with clubs, including children and women."

January 3 - Updates on the eviction have been sadly scarce. However, according to the Santiago Times, at least nine people were injured on Dec 29. Celis also proclaimed that, with this eviction, a total of 16 buildings have now been cleared of Rapa Nui. Meanwhile, pressure from human rights groups is said to be "mounting."


December 29, 2010

Today, December 29th just before 7 PM, an contingency of 200 armed police began violently dislodging the Rapanui Parliament from their headquarters in the center of the town of Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui. The police have beaten dozens of Rapa Nui with clubs, including children and women. They have arrested at least two dozen people.

This action was a unilateral decision made by the Regional Indendent, Raul Celis. The operation was directed by the Police Commander, Oscar Salazar who confirmed, "Celis gave the order."

Lola Tuki, who was there said that it was "unbelievable to see the degree of violence and inhuman treatment and prejudice. The police were cursing at the women calling them, "Goddamn indian bitches", and grabbing them violently.

Many of the people taken from the Tuki and HIto clan were defending the President of the Rapa Nui Parliament, Leviante Araki.

This is a developing story.


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  • December 31, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    The Chileans support the Palestinians a half a world away, but in their own domain, the Chileans violently suppress the Rapa Nui people. Returning stolen land okay for the Israelis, but not for Chileans? The Rapa Nui people should have the right to assemble politically. Or is Chile not a free country? And what about the issue that Rapa Nui people raise? Did the Chileans steal land or not? Is this the reason that Chileans use force to break up political meetings on Rapa Nui? Who is the person that gave the order to use force to break up a peaceful gathering on Rapa Nui? And why doesn't the press investigate this state sponsored violence?


  • December 31, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Research Valpairaso a bit and you come up with Nazi influence. Utube has a video of Troops goosestepping down the streets in Rapanui. is the most "unattractive" township in Chile according to a tourist just returned to NZ from Chile.They should clean up their act, if they want to enter the modern world and not be two faced.Disgraceful behavior Raul Celis!!! remember you "own" Rapanui illegally and the world knows it.You should remove the troops from the island and leave the people alone.You are totally embarrassing yourself in the eyes of the rest of the world.Bullies are disrespected by almost everyone in the human world.


  • January 1, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Sue is so right. Except for the part where she reports that the township is "unattractive". You have to understand, building materials for such an isolated place are at a premium. It all has to arrive by ship, except what they can utilize from the lava and the eucalyptus forests. . My first impression of Hanga Roa was the nice roads, made of lava brick. If it looks like many of the shops are made of materials available, that is exactly how it is. But, it's not slummy. You can walk down any street and feel safe. The place seems clean, as there is no trash in the streets. As a retired construction worker, I naturally scrutinized the buildings as I walked around the island. I think they do a good job of it, with materials at a shortage. Hanga Roa is Polynesian town with lush vegetation, and has the same feel to it as Lahaina, Maui, in Hawaii.


  • January 2, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    I can't speak to the aesthics, but yeah, it's all Celis (the Valparaiso Regional Governor)! He ordered the last attack too. I imagine Pedro Edmunds Paoa also has a role, it's just not entirely clear. He is suspected of plotting land deals... And then of course, Pinera is towing the line, claiming that it's all "justified".

    Overall, I'd say it's pretty standard hypocrisy. Like Canada condemning Myanmar for their treatment of Indigenous Peoples... while, at the same time, condemning Indigenous Peoples in Canada for speaking out against how they're treated by the federal government. lol. It's pretty pathetic.

    As for why the press isn't looking into this: Actually, they did spend quite a bit of time reporting on the first attack (AP picked it up, and from there it got "everybody's" attention) though I haven't seen too many in depth reports.

    I'm sorry to say, the neglect is pretty standard as well. Mark, if you spend a few minutes browsing the site, you'll find tonnes of stuff that they similarly avoid. Mostly, it's because there's such a massive conflict of interest. If they report on it, they're biting the hands that feed them.


  • Thunderbeing
    January 21, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    It matters not to me that this brave man cellis wishes to damn his whole area my focus is now on the Chilean government.Remember mercy for mercy Chilean government?you lied to the great spirits you were not suppost to attack them if we saved your miners we did our part and you attack innocent women and children?/no no this will be taken out on all who give the orders out there!!the leader of Chile could of easlily stopped this!!


  • CVo
    January 29, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    It really impacted me when I went to Chile and Rapa Nui - just how much Rapa Nui is not Chilean and it is such a shame that its culture and traditions are being pushed out by the Chileans. The island is beautiful, the people are nice, and the history is fascinating. The Chilean government's actions make me indignant and sad. Rapa Nui has been persecuted so often over the centuries, the people deserve independent governance.


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