Chile Explodes
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Chile Explodes

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March 31, 2007

Chile Explodes
March 31 2007

Today on the anniversary twenty years ago when two brothers belonging to the MIR, Rafael and Eduardo Toledo, were shot down by the Chilean police, student protesters shut down the center of Santiago Chile and set up barricades in the poor neighborhoods in the southern part of the city.

The government is blaming the movement on guerilla groups like the Frente Patriotico and the GAP and its propaganda is claiming that they are connected to drugs. The police raided the University of Chile and claimed to find a molotov cocktail factory and an arms deposit with many machetes. The rector explained that the machetes belonged to an Afro-American dance troupe and the chemicals discovered belonged to the chemical lab.

Several stations in the Metro of Santiago were closed down and last reports announce more than 533 arrests.

Bus drivers walked off to demand higher wages today and copper miners in the North who are mainly “temporary workers” also walked out.

The neo-liberal model being practiced by “socialist” President Bachelet is the same model that Pinochet imposed on Chile. The result has been the privization of higher education with tuition that excludes the poor and the appearance of stability based on increasing inequality.


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