Children of Moon: The voice of the Yanomami
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Children of Moon: The voice of the Yanomami

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February 22, 2015

Filhos da Lua (Children of Moon) recounts the Yanomami struggle to maintain their culture in an increasingly complex socio-political climate in Brazil in which Indigenous Peoples are rarely if ever consulted. Between globalization, the looting of natural resources and disrespect of their ancestral lands, the Yanomami face difficulties even to make their voice heard. Based on rare testimonials, the Yanomami share their vision of the world and reveal their cultural richness and spiritual world to raise awareness in the surrounding societies on this unheralded reality.


Runtime: 25 min
Spoken languages: Portuguese, French
A documentary by: Mauro Almeida Cabral & Fränk Muno
with: Otávio Yanomami, Maciel Yanomami, Silvio Cavuscens & Mauro Almeida Cabral

Editors: Mauro Almeida Cabral & Fränk Muno
Sound editing: Studio Chocolat-Noisette
English subtitles: Roberto Palumbo & John Dahlgren
Interviews (footage & sound recording): Mauro Almeida Cabral
Everyday life & ceremonies (footage): Francisca Espinosa Cortés, Marcos Wesley Oliveira & Guilherme Gnipper
Deforestation (footage): Patrick Rouxel
Amazon – Aerial footage:
Drone Pilot: Leandro Michelin
Gimbal Camera: Ricardo Garcia Marques
Music: Reahu He à – Cantos da Festa Yanomami (Hutukara)
Music (Trailer): Huma-Huma – Eureka
Color Grading: Lynn Rae
Post Production Facilities: Raoul Nadalet (Espera Productions)

Supported by:
Terre des Hommes Luxembourg
Festival du film brésilien au Luxembourg
Terre des Hommes Suisse
Antevita Films – Raoul Nadalet & Marie-Anne Theriez

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