Chicanery and Skulduggery

Chicanery and Skulduggery

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June 25, 2014

Following up on the cowardly self-censorship by the board of Whatcom Watch in response to the idle threat by Gateway Pacific Terminal mouthpiece Craig Cole, the May 28 guest editorial by Ellen Murphy at NWCitizen illustrates how corporate SLAPP suits work. Perusing the revealing comment thread on Ms. Murphy’s editorial, it is hard not to conclude that chicanery is a primary tool of deception by board members like Wendy Harris and Terry Wechsler.

Given the preponderance of evidence of racism exposed in the January issue subject article by Sandra Robson that propelled Harris and fellow attorney Wechsler to undermine investigative journalism at Whatcom Watch, it is difficult to comprehend how the Whatcom Watch board can justify deleting the concluding sentence of What Would Corporations Do? because it might offend racist corporations.

That sentence read:

Let us all stand in opposition to the echoes of racism aimed at Native Americans, and let the groups, individuals, and politicians who breathe life into that racism and resentment know that it will not be tolerated anymore in our community, or anywhere at all.

Even more challenging to understand, is their editorial note that replaced the sentence, to wit, “Whatcom Watch has made minor changes to the above article in the interest of community collegiality.”

Another infamous statement by the liberal elite.

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