Canada Denies Special Rapporteur On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples A Visa To Visit Canada

Canada Denies Special Rapporteur On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples A Visa To Visit Canada

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January 10, 2013



Edmonton, Alberta, Treaty Six Territory, January 9, 2013 – “Today we have issued a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper advising that it has come to the attention of the Treaty Six Chiefs that Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Issues James Anaya has requested on three separate occasions a visa so that he can visit Canada and he has been refused on every occasion,” stated Grand Chief Makinaw, of the Confederacy of Treaty No. 6 First Nations.

He continued, “Canada has stated on numerous occasions in various UN meetings that Canada cooperates with the international community. In the case of Indigenous Peoples, Canada appears to have a less than cooperative approach.”

In his recent report given to the Human Rights Council in September 2012, Mr. Anaya made a country report on Indigenous issues from around the world. He had three separate paragraphs on Canada. Two of those paragraphs referred to the situation in Chief Spence’s Community.

As Chief Spence enters into the fifth week of a hunger strike, the international community is looking at Canada and its response to the mounting crisis. “We urge Canada to permit the Special Rapporteur and Independent Expert Alfred de Zayas who is working on the promotion of Democratic and Equitable International order to make a joint visit and report to their respective bodies of the situation in Canada,” concluded Chief Makinaw.

The Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations represents the 18 First Nations in Treaty No. 6 Territory in what is now known as the province of Alberta.

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