Cambodia – Indigenous People Losing Land, Culture
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Cambodia – Indigenous People Losing Land, Culture

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February 7, 2007

The Original article’s been taken down due to a complaint from the Cambodia Daily – but here are some related stories:

Reclamation of the indigenous land illegally taken in Rattanakiri
January 23, 2007 – CHRAC, NGOF, CFI, CLEC, LAC and ILO-ITP express their full support for the reclamation of the indigenous land in Kong Yu and Kong Thom villages, Pateh commune, O’yadao district, Rattanakiri, who today are filing a lawsuit to reclaim land illegally taken from them by H.E. Keat Kolney, sister of Senior Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Keat Chhon. The NGOs hope that the case of Kong Yu will show that even the most vulnerable members of society are entitled to protection under Cambodian law.

Kong Yu and Kong Thom villages are located in a remote area in Ratanakiri. As with many indigenous groups, these families speak their own language, practice swidden agriculture, and maintain animist beliefs and traditional ceremonies. The surrounding environment and landscape play a critical role in indigenous life. In spring 2004, villagers endured a series of coercive tactics by authorities designed to force them to sell their lands.
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