Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere

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March 27, 2013

The fossil fuel industry always over promises and under delivers; hype, fraud and conflicted interest have kept us from realizing clean energy security for a long time. But all this hype now threatens our ability to adapt to a sustainable energy regime after fossil fuels are depleted. And they are being rapidly depleted.

As Andrew Nikiforuk reports in The Tyee, shale gas — the latest hyped fossil fuel — is neither climate friendly, sustainable nor economical. As the bust of the short boom looms, even the government subsidies keeping fracking alive won’t be enough to keep the industry from going bankrupt.

As indigenous nations and environmentalists in Canada and the US line up against the pipeline mania of a dying industry, it is important to remember that all the government and industry hype is intended to put some quick cash into the pockets of shady people, with no thought to the consequences. As the fossil fuel runaway boom train railroads us from abundance to scarcity, we find we are soon approaching a bridge to nowhere.

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