BBC Radio Four Announcement: Mistreatment of Native American women

BBC Radio Four Announcement: Mistreatment of Native American women

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March 12, 2007

BBC Radio Four Announcement: Mistreatment of Native American women March 8, 2007

BBC Radio Four, the UK’s most respected speech based radio network, is making a documentary about the forced sterilization of women in the United States by the Indian Health Service. We would be very grateful to hear from the women who suffered from either being forced or coerced in to having a sterilization operation during the 1970’s onwards.

It is crucial for us is to hear people?s stories in their own words. Very few interviews with women directly affected by these practices have ever been recorded, and through this documentary we would like to put on the record the experiences of Native American women.

This is a story which remains completely unknown and untold in the UK.
As this is an extremely sensitive topic we would keep all names, locations etc completely confidential.

Our female production team will be flying out to record interviews in the US for 4 days from the 10th of April this year and we would like to hear from any women that would potentially like to speak to them for this programme.

We understand that this is an incredibly sensitive area and will be extremely grateful if people take part.

Please email in confidence the following producers:

Many thanks for taking time to read this request.

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