Dr. Jenny Penland

Dr. Jennifer (Jenny) L. Penland, Assistant Professor and Indigenous Scholar at Shepherd University, received her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership and Multicultural Studies from Lamar University – Beaumont, Texas in 2007. For the past 27 years she has been an associate professor at WWCC, a director at Texas A & M University – Commerce, an assistant professor at DSU in North Dakota, an instructor at Lamar University in Texas, and a training consultant for Region 5 ESC in Texas. Dr. Penland has presented regionally, nationally and internationally and has published in such journals as, The Journal of Mentoring & Tutoring, the National Forum of Educational Administration and Supervision, E-Learn, The Qualitative Report, Social Advocacy and Systems Change, Fourth World Journal, SAGE Reference: A Multicultural America and most recently with IC Magazine. Dr. Penland completed her first film entitled; West Virginia’s Invisible People and continues to work on projects which focus on cultural awareness and American Indian Resiliency.

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