Australian government imposes military-police regime on Aborigines
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Australian government imposes military-police regime on Aborigines

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June 24, 2007

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future — Adolf Hitler

One more line on an endless list of repugnant schemes, John Howard recently announced a “national emergency” plan to impose draconian measures on as many as 60 Indigenous communities in the Northern territory of Australia, under the guise of protecting children from Sexual abuse.

The plan, as pointed out by the Socialist Equality Party of Australia, is as follows:

1. Welfare and family payments will be halved, with the seized portions transferred to food and clothing vouchers. All payments will be cut off if children fail to attend school, or are considered “at risk”. Forced labour will be imposed, via “work for the dole” programs, to “clean up” communities.

2. In “prescribed” zones across the Northern Territory, all children under the age of 16 will be subjected to compulsory medical checks for sexual abuse. Alcohol and X-rated pornography will be banned, with individuals as well as suppliers facing imprisonment.

3. At the same time, the existing permit system, which allows indigenous communities to restrict access to their lands, will be scrapped. Business managers—so-called “tsars”—will take charge of all public housing and government enterprises. These people will function as modern-day versions of the “administrators” and “protectors” who exercised complete authority over Aboriginal reservations in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Federal parliament will be recalled for a special mid-winter session to pass extraordinary, yet-to-be-seen legislation to authorise the takeover. (source)

Howard is giving himself a standing ovation right now

John Howard, the Hero of Australia — knows there’s an election coming up. And he knows that himself along with the likes of Mal Brough have for years done nothing but advance these absurd schemes that even the most diluted person knows will not be solving any problems. But then the point of them is not to be solving any problems… Rather, they are (predominantly) intended and designed to assimilate the People further—to make their culture and identity disappear and to get control of all the land so Colonial Australia can capitalize on it.

The schemes themselves are what Australia needs to justify doing this (Mal brough spends an incredible amount of time trying to prove his convoluted views are justified ). They can’t just go out and do it– that’s not gentlemanly.

They need to justify it, and isn’t it just perfect that many indigenous people find themselves paralyzed and broken because of all the schemes imposed on them in the past: like forcibly sexual sterilizing women, stealing all children and indoctrinating them, shipping away every single man that stood up for their people, and killing anyone who would dare say No — only to put the remainder onto reservations,preventing them from moving and hunting for food.

It was as if they were just supposed to sit there like a box of dolls that just aren’t fun anymore… And folks wonder why Indigenous People are having some problems. Are you f***ing kidding me?

As for sexual abuse, well Howard’s acting as if it’s an ‘Indigenous issue’, but if you were to ask any Indigenous Person familiar with their own history, they would tell you that it was unheard-of before colonization. They would tell you that child abuse, like everything else in the gutters of colonial society that Australia forces indigenous people to live beneath— was unknown before the heroes of the seas arrived with their boatloads of Criminals…

And wouldn’t you know it, those same people went on to do to all Indigenous People what was first done to them. But the indigenous people didn’t do anything wrong, did they? The original Settlers didn’t care.

And today, do the descendants? I mean, beyond signing some petition out of guilt? Do Australian citizens really care what Howard is doing to innocent people? They have nothing to worry about after all—their homes are secure, their yards are nice and clean, and their dysfunction is kept nice and private like all good citizens should be doing…

Maybe then all indigenous people should be punished? I mean, they’re making Australia look bad, aren’t they? Maybe it’s good to have a bold visionary like Howard willing to do whatever it takes to make things right, to make our Australian Dreams come true?

I’ll tell you — whether or not you find that statement to be utterly disgusting, if you do nothing in your life to change how things are done locally and Nationally, than you are subscribing to that notion because inaction is a form of complicity.

Howard and Brough are counting on you for that, they need you to remain complicit or even tolerant because then they can just wash their hands and know that it was done in your name. For Australia. For the Motherland.

Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice — Adolf Hitler


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