Australia: Radioactive waste dump on Aboriginal land

Australia: Radioactive waste dump on Aboriginal land

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February 23, 2007

NLC ignoring traditional owners’ wishes, says group
ABC News Online
Feb. 22, 2007

A group of traditional owners say the Northern Land Council (NLC) is going against its wishes by negotiating with the Federal Government over a possible radioactive waste dump in their area.

Three defence sites in the Northern Territory are under consideration as proposed dump sites.

The traditional owners from Muckaty Station, north of Tennant Creek, say their land is also under consideration as an alternative site.

Dianne Stokes represents the traditional owners and says they have written to the federal Science Minister, Julie Bishop, stating they do not want a waste dump.

But she says the NLC has been negotiating with the Federal Government over the issue anyway.

“What we want them to do is start listening to us so we can act together and … if we say no to the waste dump we don’t want it in our country, well they should be listening to the traditional owners,” she said.


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