Australia: Genocide it is
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Australia: Genocide it is

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May 27, 2007

At a recent function marking the 40th anniversary of the referendum “that handed indigenous Australians the right to be counted in the Census,” John Howard was accused of genocide…. and he didn’t disagree…

From the Australian – Mr Howard told the gathering of about 400 people, which included original referendum campaigners, the way to true reconciliation was through shared responsibility and so-called practical reconciliation. But the crowd disagreed.

At the end of Mr Howard’s speech a middle-age indigenous woman stood and shouted at Mr Howard. “We have been genocided (sic) by your Government and your court,” the unidentified woman said.

The crowd erupted in loud applause. Mr Howard offered no response. (source)

In other news, Mal Brough continues working to realize this ‘Australian Dream’:

From the ABC – Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough says too many Aboriginal children have only a basic understanding of English, reducing their chances of getting jobs and contributing to health and social problems in Aboriginal communities. Mr Brough says the Government is considering quarantining welfare payments to ensure Aboriginal children go to school. (source)

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