Austerity and Anarchy

Austerity and Anarchy

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July 21, 2012

With the displacement of Indigenous peoples worldwide, Fourth World refugees — like the Kurds in Europe — face increased hostility from both state police and fascist vigilantes. Left with a choice between enduring state repression in their homeland and suffering bigotry abroad, many of these refugees are finding common cause with anti-austerity, pro-democracy activists.

In Athens — poster child scapegoat of the EU — subMedia‘s Antonis Vradis reports on the efforts of anarchists to prevent a return of the fascist dictators supported by the US during the Cold War. Having endured the Nazi occupation and subsequent CIA-sponsored free market thugs, Greek anarchists are now fighting in the streets against neo-Nazis working in tandem with state police.

As the dumping ground for unwanted immigrants deported from across the EU, Greece is a hotbed of anti-immigrant violence, where the immigrants only friends are the anarchists.

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