Anti-Indian Christians

Anti-Indian Christians

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April 17, 2013
Something to keep in mind with exposing the CERA hate campaign and their national offensive to terminate tribal sovereignty is that while the fuel might come from the energy industry, and the organizing will likely come from the building and real estate industry, the foot soldiers in the Tea Party come from the Christian Far-Right. Like all religious fanatics, these are highly-motivated, unreasonable adversaries. They will stop at nothing to have their way or disrupt the lawful and orderly public process.
They will swarm public meetings, attempting to intimidate public officials and their political opponents. They will threaten editors and publishers. They will maliciously harass anyone who dares to question their integrity.
In short, they are domestic terrorists. The only problem is that law enforcement often only acts once there’s a corpse.

End note: Readers might enjoy this op-ed in today’s Cascadia Weekly.

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