Action on the International Day of Peasant Struggle

Action on the International Day of Peasant Struggle

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April 17, 2007

Today, April 17th, is the International Day of Peasant Struggle, as called for by la Via Campesina International — a day of action which commemorates the Massacre of Carajas on April 17, 1996 where 19 Peasants were killed and 69 injured while demanding land to live and work on.

In Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Mozambique, Congo, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Cameroon, Thailand, Colombia, Bangladesh, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada , Bolivia, and France – Peasants and small farmers have organized events for this day.

From a Via Campesina Press Release:
This year, the African organisations will mainly protest against the EPAs (Economic Partnership Agreements) that are threatening their economies by pushing further trade liberalisation. As a result, cheap import of food products will keep destroying local livelihoods. Many African organisations will also join the global day of action against the EPAs on the 19th of April.

In Latin America, Agrarian Reform will be at the heart of the struggle this year. In Brazil for example, actions will be held in 14 states demanding President Lula to implement Genuine Agrarian Reform.

In Europe, peasants’ organisations are launching a call for the anti-G8 protests. Social movements from all over Europe will gather in Rostock, Germany in June to protest against the policies of the G8 governments benefiting transnational business instead of local communities! Meanwhile in Asia, peasants’ organisations will campaign for food sovereignty, farmer’s rights and against large dams destroying rural communities.

See here for a full list of the organized events.

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