Action needed to protect Mt. Tenabo

Action needed to protect Mt. Tenabo

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November 30, 2007

The Western Shoshone Defense Project (WSDP) posted an action alert yesterday, warning that Cortez Gold Mines (a subsidiary of Barrrick Gold) may soon be permitted to build a new gold mine on the slopes of Mt. Tenabo.

The mountain and surrounding area is of extreme significance to the Spiritual and Cultural life of the Western Shoshone. “Mt. Tenabo has been, and continues to be used by Western Shoshone people as a central part of their religious practices and world view. Western Shoshone visit the mountain and the valley below (the location of the mine pit) for prayer ceremonies, gathering of sacred plants, fasting, and vision quests, among other uses. The Mountain also contains Western Shoshone gravesites. All of these values and uses will be destroyed by the Project.

Unless the mine is stopped, it will also:

The US Bureau of Land management (BLM) will be making it’s decision soon after December 21st, so there’s only a small margin of time for people to help make sure none of this happens..

And so, the WSDP asks you to take a moment and:

1. write a postcard or letter (pdf) to the BLM, (mail it by December 4th) to:

U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Battle Mountain Field Office
Attn: Steve Drummond, Cortez Hills Project Manager
50 Bastian Road
Battle Mountain, NV 89820

2. send an email (must be sent by 4 pm Pacific time on December 4th) to:

3. Sign This Petition

More Information
For background and more information please see here; or contact the Western Shoshone Defense Project at – 775-744-2565.

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