Aboriginal icons destroyed for profit

Aboriginal icons destroyed for profit

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December 4, 2006

Goodooga (NSW) – – Michael Anderson, leader of the Euahlayi Nation and spokesperson for the Gumilaroi Nation, has accused Australian governments of “not having the intestinal fortitude to stand against the multi-nationals who seek to destroy Aboriginal culture”.

He was commenting on the destruction of ancient Aboriginal rock art by industry in the Burrup Peninsula (or Murrijuga by its Indigenous name).

The peninsula is the site of a liquefied natural gas plant (LNG) jointly owned by the largest petrochemical companies in the world and managed by Woodside Energy Ltd. It’s a $20 billion venture, which currently provides almost two-thirds of WA’s gas supply and export. Woodside now has plans to expand on their own, with a new LNG facility set to cut straight through this prehistoric university.

“For the sake of profit they are destroying our iconic symbols that are older than the Pyramids of Egypt, older than the fabled city of Atlanta and whose religious and spiritual existence are thousands of years older than Christianity.”

Mr. Anderson’s statement continues:

“I ask the people of faith in this country why do you sit idly by and watch foreign multinationals rip the heart out of sacred lands where we learn of our genesis as a people and we are taught our mother of creation lays in slumber.

“Our existence as a distinct race of people is now under threat by intolerant Australian governments intent on assimilating us into the mainstream white Australian society. Whoever said Australian governments have dispensed with their assimilation policies? enquires.

“Not only do they use Nazi land policies, but they are now entering into a program of destroying our ancient artistic icons that tell us of a time before. The archaeologists and universities who condone this practise should be ashamed and as an Aboriginal society we need to name all those archaeologists and universities who become complicit in such destruction. No Aboriginal persons should ever attend them as a place of learning.

“I am not surprised that the supposed support groups like ANTAR and the Reconciliation Movement are not jumping up and down trying to get governments to not authorise such wholesale destruction. No, they love to put on expensive awards ceremonies recognising white and Aboriginal people who are prepared to shake hands and say all is forgiven and let’s move on. But we Aborigines don’t have far to move.

“The federal government’s ambition for all of us to aspire to a single Australian society believing in the same beliefs and being influenced by the one culture is rubbish and genocidal in its purest form.

“As Aboriginal people we understand very well what it is like to be marginalised for not conforming to the policy of assimilation.

“Wake up Australia and think about the destruction that is occurring in this country just for profit. Gough Whitlam was not wrong when he wanted to curb foreign ownership of the natural resources in this country.”

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