A Plea from the Marshall Islands

A Plea from the Marshall Islands

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May 12, 2007

Saludos desde Mayaguez, Puerto Rico — During our struggle to get the US Navy to stop bombing our island municipality of Vieques, people from all over the world gave us their solidarity. A Land is Life Conference took place in Vieques. People from Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, Guam and the Philippines came to share their experiences and show solidarity for our struggle. The US no longer bombs Vieques. But it has left its toxic wastes there to continue contaminating the land. Its clean up operations are not careful of the islands eco system nor do they use the best technology avalable to minimize the contamination.

The people of the Marshall Islands are the victims of 67 atomic bombs which were “tested” there by the US Government. The “testing” took place while the Marshalls was a UN Trustee Territory under the “protection” of the US. The survivors of the four principal atolls affected have formed an organization ERUB which contains the first letter of each of the atolls names. In Marshallese it means broken. Please help us by showing your solidarity and signing the petition demanding justice for our sisters and brothers of the Marshall Islands.

Below you will find a letter from a Hawaiian brother also asking for your solidarity. It contains a link to the Marshallese petition.

From the Caribbean to the Pacific, one end of our Mother Earth to the other, we ask you to join us and sign this petition. It is time our Marshallese brothers and sisters received justice.


Mayaguezanos con Vieques
maria m ramirez


Aloha Kakou

Please sign the petition demanding justice for the Marshallese nuclear survivors, many of whom are sick and unable to get adequate medical treatment and monetary compensation that the US promised them because the US refuses to increase the allocation for compensation.

I was on a delegation to Majuro to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the Bravo nuclear blast (video), the most powerful nuclear explosion ever. The blast destroyed entire islands, displaced whole peoples, and has caused multigenerational health catastrophe. The survivors are organizing to push the US and the Marshall islands government for justice. They need more pressure on the US government to accept the petition for additional funds to be added to the trust fund that pays out nuclear claims. It is a bandaid, but the least the US can do for the genocidal policies the US conducted in the Marshall Islands.

This is very urgent as many of the survivors are dying prematurely due to their nuclear illnesses, and as many newborns are inheriting diseases.

If you would like to sign the petition electronically, please visit this website:

Thank you.

Kyle Kajihiro

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