A moveon.org for the whole world

A moveon.org for the whole world

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July 6, 2006

An Online Activist Community for Ethical Globalization

In 2006, we will launch our next public entrepreneurship project, promoting good global citizenship and governance.

The explosive growth and success of e-advocacy in the United States has demonstrated the internet’s capacity to unite large numbers of citizens around effective actions and advance a broad agenda. Yet while internet and text message usage climbs steeply around the world, there are few groups like MoveOn.org in other countries, and no transnational equivalent. Res Publica seeks to address pressing global issues of peace, justice and the environment with effective and edgy transnational actions, to build an online community committed to an ethical vision of globalization.

Res Publica proposes to build a multi-lingual online community of citizens in many countries committed to global civic engagement. It will give citizens in most countries their first opportunity to contact their elected officials easily and directly. It will offer members regular, simple, “one-click” opportunities to make a real difference and advance their agenda, by funding high-impact initiatives, emailing, faxing or calling national or international officials, signing petitions or supporting offline actions. Technologically, we will move beyond the MoveOn.org model by launching text message campaigns, targeting the world’s 2 billion cell phone users, including hundreds of millions in developing countries who do not have internet access. Our goal is to ensure that, for example, when the WTO considers protecting the right to organize, leaders from every hemisphere are flooded with millions of emails, faxes, phone calls and text messages supporting the move.

Our management team hails from 5 nations and includes the former online coordinator for the second largest e-advocacy group in the US, and the co-founder and CEO of the largest text message marketing firm in the world. Our organizing team includes 25 outstanding activists from 20 countries, and our technical team of 6 is led by a veteran technologist. We are set to launch in July 2006.

We are actively looking for talented volunteers from all over the world to help with outreach, strategy, translation, technology, and media. If you’re as excited about this project as we are and would like to help out, please email us at salone@therespublica.org

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