A Conversation with John Mohawk

A Conversation with John Mohawk

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February 28, 2009

In this video, the highly respected author, conflict negotiator, historian and educator John Mohawk, sits down for a half hour conversation on the Free Speech TV series Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman.

It is one of the final occasions John appeared on video before passing away at his home in December 2006.

A member of the Turtle Clan of the Seneca Nation, John served as a representative for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy during the Oka Crisis in 1990, and a delegate throughout the 1975 conflict at Ganienkeh. He was a founding member of the Seventh Generation Fund and the Indian Law Resource Center, and author of such books as “Basic Call to Consciousness”, “Exiled in the Land of the Free” (co-edited with Oren Lyons and Vine Deloria, Jr.), and “Utopian Legacies: A History of Conquest and Oppression in the Western World.”

In the video, John talks about the parallels between the conquest of indigenous peoples and the conquest of nature, the “backwardness” of colonial ideology, and the limitless environmental disaster we are heading towards — a disaster that colonial society is completely unprepared to face.

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