2019 will be a powerful year for Indigenous Peoples. Join us!

2019 will be a powerful year for Indigenous Peoples. Join us!

A message from IC Founder & Editor-in-Chief, John Ahni Schertow
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December 21, 2018

Despite dire warnings from hundreds of scientists and even more Indigenous leaders in 2018, the world’s governments are still lagging behind in their commitments to address climate change. And yet there is hope as more and more Indigenous Peoples step forward to prevent further catastrophe.

Thanks to the generous support of our readers and donors, we spent the last 12 months covering this global movement. We visited a dozen frontline communities, investigated three environmental disasters, and shed light on more than two hundred other important struggles.

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There will be a lot more ground to cover in the coming year. As forest fires become more destructive and water more scarce, we will find Indigenous peoples taking on an even greater role in climate policy; More movements will emerge to stop even more ecosystems from being devastated by industry; and far too many defenders and journalists will lose their lives for doing nothing wrong.

We need your support to cover these stories and to make sure that all frontline movements have access to the international community. Please give generously.

Nia:wen ko:wa (thank you very much) and please have a safe holiday season,

John Ahni Schertow
Founder & Editor in Chief, Intercontinental Cry

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